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Prevent copy of some folders in the solution folder

Last post 05-13-2017, 2:13 AM by Misha Zhutov (SubMain). 1 replies.
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  •  05-12-2017, 3:51 PM 4968

    Prevent copy of some folders in the solution folder

    When generating the help file & site the 'Build Help Documentation...' command copies everything in the solution folder, even folders that don't contain source code & projects.

    This is a problem because it copies everything in the NuGet "packages" folder as well as a few test file folders we have that contain gigabytes of test files.  Copying thousands of files totaling gigs of data to the %temp% folder kills the hard drive every so many runs, making GhostDoc slow and ultimately unusable.  Also, once GhostDoc uses all the space on the machine, it crashes.

    How can we exclude certain folders from copying every time we generate a help file?


  •  05-13-2017, 2:13 AM 4969 in reply to 4968

    Re: Prevent copy of some folders in the solution folder


    Please clarify the following:

    1. What GhostDoc version are you using (GhostDoc, GhostDoc Pro, GhostDoc Enterprise)? 

    2. What kind of help documentation did you generate? Do you mean in "When generating the help file & site" that you generated Help File (CHM) and/or website help?

    3. It is not clear whether GhostDoc "copies everything in the solution folder" or copies everything from solution folder to %TEMP% directory?

    4. Please open Build Help Documentation dialog and tell us what is entered for Image Folder? Or even better make a screenshot and send us to

    5. Please send us LOG file from c:\Users\<user>\Documents\SubMain\GhostDoc <edition> for VS20XX\GhostDoc <edition >.log to

    These will help us to troubleshoot the issue.



    Thank you,
    Misha Zhutov - .NET Developer Tools | Microsoft VB MVP
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