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December 2007 - Posts

  • CodeIt.Right Pre-release price

    by Serge Baranovsky

    As the RC is available we are releasing CodeIt.Right in the next 3 weeks. 

    We decided to offer the product for purchase at a pre-release price with an extra bonus. Buy CodeIt.Right here. This is the full license we just give you an opportunity to get it at a lower price.

    Pre-release price

    Pre-release price $250 $150 (includes complementary 1 year of Software Assurance & Gold Support subscription)

    Buy CodeIt.Right today and save!

    Post-release price

    User license - $250 (includes 3 month Software Assurance & Gold Support subscription, $100 per year after that)

    Annual Software Assurance & Gold Support - $100 :

    • Upgrade to new versions at no additional cost (regardless of price changes)
    • Auto Update for the latest rule sets
    • Access to private Gold Support forums

    Buying with us is safe - with our 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the product.

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  • CodeIt.Right Release Candidate build 1.0.07355

    by Serge Baranovsky

    Release is just around the corner - CodeIt.Right Release Candidate build 1.0.07355 is available now. This build also includes CodeIt.Right SDK help file. Please download the Release Candidate and share your feedback in the forums.

    Major changes overview since the last Beta build

    • Added support for VS2008 - currently only supports .NET 2.0 solutions in the VS2008 IDE
    • Included CodeIt.Right SDK help file - installs into the SubMain/CodeIt.Right/Help directory. Also available separately in the Community Download section
    • Linked to SDK Reference help file from the main CodeIt.Right Help
    • Added Proxy settings to the Options dialog (Options/Proxy)
    • Addressed lockup issue when CodeIt.Right would freeze VS2005 running under Windows Vista
    • Added option to turn off anonymous rule usage statistics reporting (Options/Other)
    • Added option to exclude regions from analysis (Options/Exclude Regions). Predefined regions are
      • Web Form Designer Generated Code
      • Web Services Designer Generated Code
      • Windows Form Designer Generated Code
      • Component Designer Generated Code
      • Assembly Attribute Accessors
      • My.Settings Auto-Save Functionality
      • COM GUIDs
    • Improved the rules auto-update function
    • Fixed number of issues in the refactoring engine
    • Fixed - when new rules with configurable properties added to a profile, the Editor will warn if the properties are not populated on the rule Save action
    • Fixed Add Rule dialog in Profile Editor now saves sort order
    • Other minor changes and bug fixes.

    Download build 1.0.07355 here -

    For more information on CodeIt.Right, getting started presentation, support and feedback see Beta announce post.

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  • New CodeIt.Right Rules - Update 20071203

    by Serge Baranovsky

    New CodeIt.Right rule posted:

    • Externally visible types and members should have XML comments (General)

    This rule makes sure all Public and Protected members and types have XML documentation comment.

    AutoCorrect option for this rule is 'Add XML comment template' which will add

    (for VB)

    <summary> '''
    </summary> '''
    <value> '''
        <para> '''
        </para> '''
    </value> '''
    <remarks> '''

    (for C#)

    <summary> ///
    </summary> ///
    <value> ///
        <para> ///
        </para> ///
    </value> ///
    <remarks> ///

    (actual content of the template will depend of the code element the XML template are being added to).

    This set of rules is distributed using the Rule AutoUpdate feature added into the Beta 2 of CodeIt.Right. Auto Update triggers in 15 minutes after you start Visual Studio. If you turned the feature off you can manually start the update wizard from the CodeIt.Right/Help & Support/Update Rules menu.

    Don't forget to leave your feedback in the CodeIt.Right forum

    (Note: if you skip the custom profile update step in the Rules Update Wizard, you still can add new rules to your custom profile(s) using the Add Rule button in the Profile Editor - you will find recent rules by sorting the date column)

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