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September 2008 - Posts

  • Released: CodeIt.Right Build 1.1.08262

    New version of CodeIt.Right is out! You can download build 1.1.08262 today.

    This is a major release even though we only added ".1" to the version. It includes .NET 3.5 support, Guidelines document template generation, option to analyze single file, enhanced SDK documentation, new rules, new command line version parameters and more. Please share your feedback in the forums.

    This update is free for all users who are current on their Software Assurance and Gold Support Subscription

    Major changes in CodeIt.Right v1.1 :

    • Support for .NET 3.5 (C# 3.0 and VB 9.0)
    • New feature - Generate Template in Profile Editor allows to generate guidelines document template based on the profile. Please note the XSL stylesheet only works with IE (not Firefox)
    • New feature - Analyze File in the Solution Explorer context menu - enables individual source code file analysis
    • New feature - Severity Threshold dropdown - allows to quickly filter violations by severity
    • Improved Profile Editor layout
    • Added "Rule Info" tab in Profile Editor
    • Pivot View allows to save your custom views (Save As)
    • Updated SDK documentation - now includes most every class, method and property of CodeIt.Right SDK. We will update the Online SDK documentation promptly.
    • Auto-Update now also includes the latest help file
    • New Options -> General -> Max violations to report (default Unlimited) to limit to the first N violations reported
    • New Rules:
      1. Do not declare read only mutable reference types (Security)
      2. Seal methods that satisfy private interfaces (Security)
      3. Secure GetObjectData overrides (Security)
      4. Assemblies should declare minimum security (Security)
      5. Override link demands should be identical to base (Security)
      6. Prefix member calls with self (Usage)
      7. Do not prefix calls with Base unless needed (Usage)
      8. Review suppress unmanaged code security usage (Security)
      9. Do not indirectly expose methods with link demands (Security)
      10. Security transparent code should not assert (Security)
      11. Secure asserts (Security)
      12. Code region name should be PascalCased (Naming)
    • CodeItRight.Cmd.exe improvements:
      • Added MsBuild and Nant tasks (SubMain.CodeItRight.MSBuild.dll and
      • Fixed /Quiet option
      • Added /OutXSL parameter
      • Added /CRData parameter
      • Added /severityThreshold parameter
      • Improved formatting of the output XML data file
      • Added return error codes
      • Removed key press required in the older version
      • see CodeItRight.Cmd.exe Command Line Options for details
    • Removed Alt shortcuts in the toolbar - they were conflicting with some of the Visual Studio
    • Renaming a parameter now also updates its name in XML comments
    • Added CodeRegion class in the SDK
    • Added "Expression" and "Code Region" to Rule targets
    • many bugs fixed

    Download build 1.1.08262 here -  

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  • VSX DevCon and a very amusing incident with a kebab

    by Serge Baranovsky

    Earlier this week I attended VSX DevCon on Microsoft campus where I learned quite a bit about the changes coming to the upcoming version of Visual Studio (Dev10) and its Extensibility Model. This was very important for us to be abreast of the future Microsoft releases and stay ahead of the game with our products. I twittered some of the event.

    It was fun conference too. I talked to many MS VSX folks, first time saw Rico Mariani talking (he is excellent!), met new people and old friends including Richard Hundhausen, Roy Osherove and Eli Lopian of TypeMock, discussed templating options (something to be included into future version of CodeIt.Right) with T4 guys.

    While fun, food and snacks were a little different this time around. There was another conference across the hall and MS catering had naturally setup separate snack tables. Which I didn't really pay much attention to... So when VSX tables got low on snacks I was yelled at by a catering lady for trying to get something from the other conference table. I had a weird feeling of a kid being caught stealing cookies...

    Well, the story next day made me feel a little better about my "cookie incident" :) It was mentioned already by Ken Levy via Twitter and Ted Neward on his blog - Steve Ballmer got scolded by catering for taking a cookie without VSIP badge... At least I wasn't the only one who got confused and yelled at ;)

    Back to the business now. Me being out of the office for few days didn't affect the progress on v1.1 release of CodeIt.Right. In fact, it is finished, tested and will are releasing it tomorrow.

    Stay tuned!



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