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October 2009 - Posts

  • Released: CodeIt.Right version 1.8.09300 - now compatible with VS2010 Beta 2!

    Today we are releasing new version of CodeIt.Right - build 1.8.09300.

    This version features complete ASP.NET support, it is compatible with VS2010 Beta 2 (in addition to VS2008, VS2005, VS2003), Add Rule dialog improvements - "Hide Rules in the Profile" and "Quick Search", 10+ new rules including new category "CodingStyle".

    Those of you who are using CodeIt.Right with very large solutions may know of the memory limitation issue for the tools that live in the Visual Studio address space, aka "Out of Memory" exceptions. You will be excited to know we have addressed the issue in this version by introducing new "Memory Optimization" mode. The "Performance mode" is still on by default since it offers a little faster analysis but CodeIt.Right will offer to switch to the "Memory Optimization" option when you open a large solution or get the dreaded "Out of Memory" exception. You also are free to switch between the options manually.

    Another change we made - we removed Sealed modifier for all built-in rules. This gives you even easier way to extend and customize existing rules by simply overriding just the methods you wanted changed. Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding a tutorial on how to do that. Ping us if you want this sooner.

    This update is free for all users who are current on their Software Assurance and Gold Support Subscription

    New in CodeIt.Right v1.8:

    • Now compatible with VS2010 Beta 2, VS2008, VS2005 and VS2003
    • Finally complete ASP.NET support including refactorings in HTML markup.
    • Added Memory Optimization mode – allows to minimize the memory use at slightly lower reduces performance. This allows to solve the “Out of Memory” issue on large solutions.
    • Added Performance tab to the Options window – Best Performance/Memory Optimization.
    • Added new Exclude tab and moved all exclude tabs there
    • All Exclude tabs now support multi-select
    • New option to Exclude a Project
    • Added new “Add” button in Exclude Rule, Exclude File and Exclude Project tabs – the dialogs support multi-select.
    • Profile Editor -> Add Rule dialog has new option Hide Rules in the Profile which removes from the selection the rules that already exist in the selected profile.
    • Profile Editor -> Add Rule dialog has new Quick Search that filters the list for the rules that contain entered substring
    • Added RuleID to rule help documentation.
    • Product license codes when entered are now activated on the SubMain server.
    • Auto Update wizard now shows Software Assurance & Gold Support subscription expiration date.
    • About window now shows Software Assurance & Gold Support subscription expiration date.
    • All web services – Auto Update, Error Reporting, Statistics and Activation – are now accessed over SSL protected HTTPS connection.
    • Removed Sealed modifier for all built-in rules. This allows for new easier way to extend and customize existing rules by simply overriding specific methods. (Sample is coming)
    • Addressed issues related to incorrect source file encoding when Byte Order Mark (BOM) attribute was missing.
    • New Rules:
      • Abstract class should have at least one derive class (Design)
      • Interface should have at least one implementation (Design)
      • Project should have AssemblyInfo file (Design)
      • Do not place assembly attributes outside of AssemblyInfo file (Design)
      • Do not include multiple statements on a single line (CodingStyle)
      • Avoid single line If statement (CodingStyle)
      • Do not check for empty strings using Equals (Performance)
      • XML Comments should be spelled correctly (Spelling)
      • Avoid non-public fields in ComVisible value types (Interoperability)
      • Avoid static members in ComVisible types (Interoperability)
      • PInvokes should not be visible (Interoperability)
    • Fixed a number of bugs in the application and the rules...


    Download version 1.8.09300 here - 

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