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February 2010 - Posts

  • Released: CodeIt.Right v1.9.10053

    Today we released update for CodeIt.Right Standard and Enterprise Editions - v1.9.10053. As part of our 2010 Product Roadmap, this version changes include significantly improved performance, support for GlobalSuppressions, new rules and bug fixes.

    New in CodeIt.Right v1.9.10053:

    • Major performance improvements throughout the rule base
    • Added support for GlobalSuppressions - syntax is the same as the VSTS GlobalSuppressions file. This new feature is supported in both Standard and Enterprise editions.
    • SuppressMessage attribute for class now applied to all member of the class (see example at the bottom of the post)
    • New Rules:
      • Avoid the Page.DataBind method (AspNet)
      • Avoid the DataBinder.Eval method (AspNet)
      • Do not use SaveAs method to store uploaded files (AspNet)
      • Always define a global error handler (AspNet)
      • Do not disable custom errors (AspNet)
      • Avoid setting the AutoPostBack property to True (AspNet)
      • Interface methods should be callable by child types (Design)
      • Remove unused parameters (Usage)
    • Corrected download redirect link in the Enterprise Edition when new version is available. In the past versions it would incorrectly open the Standard Edition download page
    • Fixed Encapsulate Field refactoring issue
    • Other fixes for the reported issues

    The following code sample on how class level SuppressMessage attribute excludes TypesAndMembersShouldHaveXmlComments rule for the class and all its members (bullet #3 above):

    [SuppressMessage("SubMain.CodeItRight.Rules.General", "GE00005:TypesAndMembersShouldHaveXmlComments")]
    public class MyUndocumentedClass
        public void MyUndocumentedMethod1{}
        public void MyUndocumentedMethod2{}

    This update is free for all users who are current on their Software Assurance and Support Subscription


  • 2010 Product Roadmap


    Code Quality developer tools is the direction we've been following since the introduction of CodeIt.Right and we are taking this commitment to the next level in 2010 with two new products and new features for our existing products.  One of the new products to be released in 2010 will assist in unit testing, code coverage and test code profiling; the second new product will be complementary to CodeIt.Right.  All three products together will comprise our new Code Quality Suite.  Additionally, we will continue to keep up with the Visual Studio 2010 release schedule and have all of our products 2010 compatible when VS2010 is RTM.

    Here is what we are planning for 2010:

    • New product!

      • Coming March 2010:  we are adding to our product line by offering a unit test runner and code coverage product.

    • New product!

      • Project Anelare (code name) - we will provide details on this project as we get closer to a public preview.  At this point we can share that this will be product complementary to CodeIt.Right - together they will encompass our code quality package.

    • VS2010 support

      • For all products - most of our products are compatible with VS2010 RC, and we will be VS2010 RTM compatible by the time it RTMs.

    • CodeIt.Right

      • Optimized rule library performance:  the new version will be released the first week in March!

      • Community Rule Valuation & Review: we are pioneering "social" in code analysis by enabling the community to rate rules and provide feedback; as well as leverage the community feedback, best uses and best practices for each rule.

      • NEW Rules - with emphasis on security, FxCop/StyleCop parity, SharePoint, WPF & Silverlight rules.

      • (EE) Trend Analysis: monitor code quality improvements over time.

      • (EE) Integration with manual code review tools.

      • Global Suppressions:  adding support for GlobalSuppressions and extending syntax of the SuppressMessage attribute for more flexible in-code exclusions.

      • Multi-select in the violations list.

      • Copy Rule feature:  clone and change rule instance configuration

      • Command line enhancements: open command line/build violations output in Visual Studio for correction

      • Annotation: for excludes and corrections

      • XAML support:  enables building Silverlight and WPF specific rules

      • Profile Wizard:  quick start no-brainer user/project profile based on the project type, importance, community valuation, favorite food, etc

    • GhostDoc

      • We are currently prioritizing the feature set for the new version of GhostDoc. If you have a feature request that you have not submitted yet, share them with us in the GhostDoc forum.

    Stay tuned to our blog for more details about our progress!


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