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December 2010 - Posts

  • Holiday Offer: Complimentary Software Assurance and Licence Protection + Save up to 30%!

    Holiday Offer

    SubMain is proud to spread the holiday cheer by offering customers best savings of the year with free 1 year of Software Assurance and Support, free lifetime License Protection and great savings on multiple license purchases.

    Get Software Assurance and Support absolutely free!

    From now until January 7, purchase any new CodeIt.Right licenses and receive 1 year of Software Assurance and Support subscription at no additional cost. Normally priced at $100 per user ($150 per user for Enterprise Edition), Software Assurance annual subscription plan is the most cost effective and convenient way to stay current with the latest versions of our products and get priority support when you need it.

    Plus free License Protection!

    If you purchase just released GhostDoc Pro, you will receive free License Protection and secure GhostDoc Pro updates and new versions at no charge for the product lifetime.

    GhostDoc Pro Edition is enhanced version of the product that gives users complete control over your XML Comment content and layout as well as automates XML Comment generation via batch actions.

    Get it today! No hurdles! No hoops!

    It is easy to get your free software assurance subscription and license protection. Just place your order on the SubMain website by January 7, and we will automatically give you the free year of software assurance and support subscription. If your purchase includes GhostDoc, you will automatically receive lifetime license protection for free too. No hassle. No headaches.

    But wait, there is more!

    On the top of the free offers above, you can save even more when you buy multiple CodeIt.Right licenses:

    • Save 20% on CodeIt.Right Standard Edition 5 license pack

    • Save 30% on CodeIt.Right Enterprise Edition 10 license pack

    Email us at for information on the the 5 and 10 pack discounts.

    Need more info about SubMain products?

    Learn more about SubMain products

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    Buy now for the holiday offer

    Still have questions?

    No problem! Contact the SubMain sales department via email

  • Released: GhostDoc and GhostDoc Pro v3.0.10340

    Today we are announcing the release of GhostDoc v3.0 - a new major release of the product. This version includes product usability and menu changes, adds many new features - menus, configuration rules, configuration options. It also features new error logging to improve troubleshooting of GhostDoc issues. The new version introduces GhostDoc Pro Edition - enhanced version of the product that gives users complete control over your XML Comment content and layout as well as automates XML Comment generation via batch actions.

    For Edition comparison please see GhostDoc product page -

    GhostDoc Pro

    New in v3.0:

    • (Pro Only) New Document Type feature - generates XML comments for the entire type/class
    • (Pro Only) New Document File feature - generates XML comments for the entire file
    • (Pro Only) Introduced T4 template based rules that replace rule macros of the Free version
    • Improved support for VS2010
    • New Load/Unload menu items allow to disable GhostDoc temporary without uninstalling it
    • New Help menu item
    • New option to and menu to Re-assign Shortcut
    • Added Rule for read-only property to turn off generation of the tag line
    • Added Rule for private constructor
    • Added support for new tags - <inheritdoc>, <author> and <remarks>
    • Added support for enums, delegates and fields
    • Added option to modify Configuration Folder path
    • Added option to Keep Single Line when for long comments
    • Changed leading tabs to leading spaces for compatibility with other products
    • Changed "gets or sets" summary prefix to just "Gets" when setter is private
    • Fixed automatically implemented properties issue 

    GhostDoc and GhostDoc Pro build 3.0.10340 are available for download right now at

    Please note GhostDoc EULA was updated to reflect the introduction of GhostDoc Pro.



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