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January 2013 - Posts

  • Released: GhostDoc v4.5

    The .5 release of GhostDoc builds up on the version 4.0 features offering more flexibility for spell checking and help file generation. Most significant changes in v4.5 are:

    • (Pro) New Template Libraries feature with Export/Import
    • (Pro) New output formats for generated Help files
      • Html Help1 (.CHM)
      • MS Help 2 (.HxS)
      • MS Help Viewer aka MS Help 3 (.MSHC)
      • Website (HTML, ASP.NET, PHP)
    • (Pro) Options Dialog: solution specific settings for Ignore lists, Solution Dictionary and Help File, User Dictionary
    • (Pro) Added Spelling suggestions window to replace SmartTag. The older SmartTag option can be turned back on in the Options
    • (Pro) Custom tag support in Preview Comments and Build Help File
    • (Pro) AllMembers, Methods, Properties, Events, Fields, Operators sections to the generated Help file
    • Combined arguments of the same exception type into tag text
    • Help file/Preview now renders correct project language
    • Added syntax highlighting of the blocks in Help File/Preview
    • Added "Send Feedback..." to enable easy way of providing feedback right from the product menu

    For complete list of v4.5 changes see What's New in GhostDoc and GhostDoc Pro v4.5


    Template Libraries

    While GhostDoc Pro T4 template mechanism provides maximum flexibility how you can tweak and reconfigure your XML Comments and even regular comments, until now there was no easy way to share the set of templates with your team or the community.

    Today we are introducing Template Libraries - you can Export the whole set of your custom templates and distribute it as one file which can be imported. Template Library includes meta-data - the library author, company name and contact information. To access the feature use Options -> Rules -> Export.

    We will be hosting a section on our web site where we publish GhostDoc Pro Template Libraries we release. If you have specific comment formats you want us to release, send your requests in.

    We also want to encourage sharing your templates with the community. Contact us if you have template library you was us to publish.


    New Help File Formats and Options

    When we introduced a simple single click way of generating help file from your project XML comments, we realized that just one CHM format is not enough and we would need to add options to tweak your help file output.

    Today GhostDoc Pro can build into the following help file formats:

    • Html Help1 (.CHM)
    • MS Help 2 (.HxS)
    • MS Help Viewer aka MS Help 3 (.MSHC)
    • Website (HTML, ASP.NET, PHP)

    You also have the following options when building help file with GhostDoc Pro:

    • Select solution projects that you want to be included into the help file
    • Define Header and Footer for the help file pages
    • Decide whether you want to include Private, Internal, Protected members

    How do I try it?

    Download v4.5 at


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