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August 2013 - Posts

  • Released: GhostDoc v4.7

    We are happy to introduce the release of GhostDoc v4.7, a version that is greatly influenced by feedback from our users. It extends Visual Studio 2013 support and introduces an Enterprise version, Help Configurations, Help Content Targeting, embedding images into help markup, hyperlinking to base .NET Framework classes, abbreviation expansion, Non-breaking Words list, and much more:

    • Visual Studio 2013 support
    • Introduced GhostDoc Enterprise
    • (Pro) New Help Configuration feature - save custom configured help generation settings and switch between them easily
    • (Pro) Help Content Targeting - ability to create a (partial) 'filtered' help file based on attributes by using <tags/> in XML Comment and tag filtering in Help Configuration. If you need to have different help content for public API users, testers, internal documentation, etc, you can do that now!
    • New Abbreviations dictionary enables expanding abbreviations to full words (for example, 'args' -> 'arguments')
    • New Non-breaking Words list to preserve splitting when comment template is generated (for example, 'CheckBox' or 'ListView')
    • (Pro) Embed/reference images into the Help markup
    • (Pro) Option to skip documenting private/internal/protected members with Document File/Type batch commands
    • (Pro) .NET Framework classes are now hyperlinked to corresponding Microsoft reference page for additional information
    • (Ent) Customize Comment Preview
    • (Ent) Customize help layout and template

    For the complete list of v4.7 changes see What's New in GhostDoc and GhostDoc Pro v4.7

    GhostDoc Enterprise

    We have identified a clear need for a new kind of GhostDoc product, specifically suitable for enterprises and customers who need advanced configuration features for the help file output.

    The GhostDoc Enterprise version that we are officially introducing today offers silent deployment options, full customization of the template and layout of the Comment Preview and Help Files. The Enterprise license customers are also eligible for the on-premises Enterprise Licensing Server option.

    For edition comparison please see this page -


    Help Configuration and Help Content Targeting

    The new Help Configuration feature enables you to create ready-to-use help generation profiles. You can easily switch between profiles, depending on what kind of help you are producing. Also you can define attributes with <tags /> in XML Comment and use tag filtering in Help Configuration to target Help content to your specific audience.

    Help Configuration profiles include settings for:

    • Output format
    • Scope
    • Projects to include
    • Header and footer
    • New tag filtering for help content targeting

    How do I try it?

    Download v4.7 at

    Feedback is what empowers us!

    Let us know what you think of the new version here -


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