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  • GhostDoc Pro Beta brings true Visual Editing to XML Comments

    The latest Beta of GhostDoc introduces a new feature that makes XML documentation authoring a breeze – Visual Edition for XML Comments. The number one challenge authoring XML Comments that we heard from our users has been keeping the valid XML which includes encoding HTML formatting tags, code samples, etc. Many of these don’t even...
  • Released: GhostDoc v5.4 update

    Version 5.4 of GhostDoc is a maintenance update for the v5.0 users:

    • VS2017 RC integration
    • New menu items - Getting Started Tutorial and Tutorials and Resources
    • (Pro) (Ent) Edit buttons in Options - Solution Ignore List and Options - Spelling Ignore List
    • (Pro) (Ent) Test button in Options - Solution Ignore List
    • (Ent) Now GhostDoc shows error message when Conceptual Content path is invalid in the solution configuration file
    • Fixed PathTooLongException exception when generating preview/build help file for C++ projects
    • (Ent) Updated, moved all conceptual content files inside the project in GhostDoc Enterprise\Samples\Conceptual Content\
    • Improved documenting ReadOnly auto-properties in VB
    • Resolved issue re-documenting a type at the top of source code file in VB
    • Resolved issue with generating preview of the <seealso> tag for generics in VB

    For the complete list of changes, please see What's New in GhostDoc v5

    For overview of the v5.0 features, visit Overview of GhostDoc v5.0 Features

    Download the new build at

  • GhostDoc v4 Beta 2 is available!

    After a round of private Alpha/Beta for GhostDoc we are excited to release Beta 2 of GhostDoc and GhostDoc Pro and make it available as part of the public Beta program!

    Version 4 is a major milestone for us with great new features and rewrites that we have done over the last year. Here are the most significant additions to the GhostDoc feature set:

    • Visual Studio 2012 support
    • (Pro) Source code Spell Checker
    • C/C++ language support
    • XML Comment Preview
    • StyleCop Compliance – comments generated by GhostDoc are now pass StyleCop validation
    • Exception Documentation - exceptions raised within a method are documented in the XML Comment
    • (Pro) File Header menu and template
    • (Pro) Visual Studio toolbar with commands for documenting, comment preview and spell-checking
    • (Pro) Options -> Global Properties - allows to reference custom configured user properties within T4 templates (CodeIt.Right users will find this very familiar)
    • (Pro) IntelliSense in the T4 template editor
    • Version update notification – you won’t miss new version release ever again!

    For detailed list of v4 changes see What's New in GhostDoc and GhostDoc Pro v4.0

    Spell Checker

    GDv4_SpellCheckerGhostDoc Pro Spell Checker features:

    • Check Spelling as you type
    • Spell Checking for XML Comments
    • Spell Checking for code elements
    • Spell Checking for strings and comments
    • Spelling SmartTag in the VS Code Editor
    • Added support for OpenOffice dictionaries and multiple languages
    • Ignore files and file extensions
    • Custom User Dictionary
    • Custom Dictionary by Solution
    • Solution wide Spelling Report
    • Check Spelling for
      • Active Document
      • Selected Documents
      • Current Project
      • Entire Solution

    Comment Preview

    Do you want to see how your XML Comment will look like in the help file? Have HTML tags encoded in the XML Comment and want to make sure your HTML is correct? GhostDoc Comment Preview is here to help!


    How do I try it?

    Download the BETA at

    What’s in it for me?

    We will be rewarding GhostDoc Pro licenses (as we always do) at the end of the private/public beta program to those who provide feedback.

    Where do I post feedback?

    Please post your v4 Beta feedback in the GhostDoc Beta forum

    What about GhostDoc Pro license?

    The Pro trial license will allow you to run it for 14 days. To get past that point, please use the license below:

    063A0-29A49-A6083-692D1-32CFC      <- good through 09/01/2012

    Note to GhostDoc Pro v3 users: Please use the temporary license above, your v3 license won’t work with v4. Once v4 is released we will be sending new license codes to those of you with License Protection.


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