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  • Retiring PrettyCode.Print and StudioTools; CodeSpell to be merged into GhostDoc Pro

    PrettyCode.Print and StudioTools no longer fit our strategic corporate direction to deliver best code quality tools on the market. 

    Discontinuing these products enables us to reinvest the efforts into our flagship products and offer even better code quality tools. We will be releasing new greatly enhanced versions of our existing products as well as new products over the next six months. For a sneak peek of what’s coming please see our Product Feedback board.

    PrettyCode.Print for VB6/VBA and PrettyCode.Print for .NET will no longer be further developed. Both products will be converted into a free download in their current state. While we will continue to offer technical support for PrettyCode.Print products for six more month from now, there will be no enhancements, improvements nor bug fixes for these two products.  You can download PrettyCode.Print for VB6/VBA and PrettyCode.Print for .NET in the Community Downloads section.

    CodeIt.Once is retired and no longer available for download. We encourage you to learn about CodeIt.Right product which offers automated refactorings and proactively finds the opportunities for refactoring and improving your code.

    StudioTools is retired and will no longer be offered for download or supported.

    CodeSpell will not be available for purchase for approximately 6 months. The CodeSpell engine is being rewritten to allow greater flexibility and better features, after which, the code spelling feature will be offered as part of our GhostDoc Pro product. All customers that purchased CodeSpell from SubMain (after March 9th, 2010) will be offered, at no charge, the equivalent number of licenses for GhostDoc Pro once the code spelling feature is released.

    We sincerely appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you in the future.

  • CodeIt.Once build 1.2.07303

    by Serge Baranovsky

    Another update for CodeIt.Once - build 1.2.07303 - resolved issues with solution folders, generics, improved quality of the Rename, Extract Interface and Encapsulate Field commands.

    Download link -

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  • CodeIt.Once build 1.2.07269

    by Serge Baranovsky

    Maintenance release of CodeIt.Once - build 1.2.07269 - resolved a number of bugs, removed Custom and Repair un-install options as they weren't working correctly.

    Download link -

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  • CodeIt.Once version 1.2.07116

    by Serge Baranovsky

    New version of CodeIt.Once is out - build 1.2.07116 - includes Vista and 64 bit OS compatibility, setup improvements and bug fixes.

    This version is free for current CodeIt.Once users.

    Changes in CodeIt.Once version 1.2.07116

    • ADDED: Vista and 64 bit OS compatibility  
    • IMPROVED: Support for automatic VSS file check out
    • IMPROVED: Performance loading solution files
    • FIXED: Issues with the use of keyword names (e.g. "[class]") in C#
    • FIXED: StackOverflowException and other bugs when renaming Namespaces
    • FIXED: Parsing code with NamespaceAliases and "::"
    • FIXED: Parsing extern aliases in C# 2.0
    • FIXED: Parsing delegate anonymous methods in C# 2.0
    • FIXED: Number of issues with Rename, Extract Interface, Inline Variable and Remove Parameter refactorings
    • ADDED: Setup now copies assemblies to PrivateAssemblies directory
    • ADDED: If older version is present setup will uninstall it first
    • Other bug fixes

    Download link -

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