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  • Released: CodeIt.Right version 1.6.09139 - now fully compatible with VS2010 Beta 1!

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    As you may know yesterday Microsoft released VS2010 Beta 1 to MSDN Subscribers. The Beta will also be publicly available for the rest of the world on Wednesday. This is long expected and very exciting new version of Visual Studio; and we here at SubMain are fully prepared to support the new shiny version!

    While some companies make a big deal posting screenshots of the upcoming VS2010 versions and announcing availability of previews for their products within a month, we at SubMain have been working hard to give our customers a new fully VS2010 compatible version on the day of VS2010 Beta 1 release!

    So ... today, within the 24 hours of the VS2010 Beta 1 availability, you can download new version of CodeIt.Right that runs in VS2010 (as well as VS2008, VS2005, VS2003) and fully understands the syntax changes in C# 4.0 and VB10! This is just of the many new features that come with this release - you can see the long list below.

    Another great feature added in this version is the template based rules. We currently support T4 templates. The template based rules are simpler and more flexible alternative to writing custom rules using CodeIt.Right SDK.

    Click for a full-sized image

    Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding a tutorial on how to use and customize T4 templates in CodeIt.Right. Ping us if you want this sooner.

    Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

    This update is free for all users who are current on their Software Assurance and Gold Support Subscription

    New in CodeIt.Right v1.6:

    • Compatible with VS2010
    • C# 4.0 and VB10 syntax support
      • Automatically Implemented Properties (VB.NET)
      • Generic Variance (VB.NET)
      • Multi-line lambda expressions that can contain statements (VB.NET)
      • Implicit line continuation (VB.NET)
      • Dynamic lookup (C#) - (the "dynamic" type)
      • Named and Optional parameters (C#)
      • Covariance and contravariance (C#)
    • Added T4 template based rules
      • Profile Editor supports editing and validation of T4 templates
      • Rule "Externally visible types and members should have XML comments" has been rewritten as a template based rule and is customizable now
      • Added Global Properties tab in Options - user configured properties to be used with the T4 templates
    • Spell-checking rules
      • significantly improved performance, now suggested spellings lookup is only performed when the the Correction Options dropdown is clicked
      • Spell-checking rules - improved performance when use a secondary (non-English) dictionary
      • Spell-checking rules - renamed en_US.usr to complang.usr
    • Further improved ASP.NET support - rename refactoring now also corrects the ASP.NET page HTML markup server tag IDs and attributes
    • Context menus Check All, Clear All and Correct Checked are now context specific when clicked on file or project lines in the violations list
    • Improved performance for Check All, Clear All, Exclude Rule and Exclude File 
    • Analyze Project and Analyze File context menus in the violations list, see forum post 
    • Analyze Folder and Analyze Project context menus in the Solution Explorer
    • Synchronization of the file selected in the Solution Explorer with the violations list
    • About dialog - added subscription expiration date
    • Added "Don't show this exception again" checkbox to the unhandled exceptions dialog
    • Default Encapsulate Field correction for rules "Do not declare externally visible instance fields" and "Secured types should not expose fields" changed from "Create new property and update all references where the field is use" to "Rename the field, create new property with the original field name and do not update the field references" (for the public name has not changed), see forum post
    • Added new property ExcludeList to all Naming rules, see forum post 
    • Added new RuleTargets - Solution, Project, File
    • New Rules:
      1. Use constants where appropriate (Performance)
      2. Remove unused internal classes (Performance)
      3. Do not initialize unnecessarily (Performance)
      4. Source file name should be Pascal cased (General)
      5. Source file should contain only one public type (General)
      6. Source file name should match public type name (General)
      7. Enable Treat Compiler Warnings As Errors option (General)
      8. Enforce Warning Level 4 (General)
      9. Source file should have a header (General) - a T4 template based rule
    • more bug fixes

    Known issues

    We are releasing the product with one known issue this time for it is very minor.

    • Under VS2010 Beta 1 CodeIt.Right rule documentation links, like "More", "Tell me more..." don't work. This feature depends on the Visual Studio offline help module which was not shipped with VS2010 Beta 1. The rule documentation help work fine in VS2008, VS2005 and VS2003.


    Download version 1.6.09139 here -  

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  • CodeIt.Right Release Candidate build 1.0.07355

    by Serge Baranovsky

    Release is just around the corner - CodeIt.Right Release Candidate build 1.0.07355 is available now. This build also includes CodeIt.Right SDK help file. Please download the Release Candidate and share your feedback in the forums.

    Major changes overview since the last Beta build

    • Added support for VS2008 - currently only supports .NET 2.0 solutions in the VS2008 IDE
    • Included CodeIt.Right SDK help file - installs into the SubMain/CodeIt.Right/Help directory. Also available separately in the Community Download section
    • Linked to SDK Reference help file from the main CodeIt.Right Help
    • Added Proxy settings to the Options dialog (Options/Proxy)
    • Addressed lockup issue when CodeIt.Right would freeze VS2005 running under Windows Vista
    • Added option to turn off anonymous rule usage statistics reporting (Options/Other)
    • Added option to exclude regions from analysis (Options/Exclude Regions). Predefined regions are
      • Web Form Designer Generated Code
      • Web Services Designer Generated Code
      • Windows Form Designer Generated Code
      • Component Designer Generated Code
      • Assembly Attribute Accessors
      • My.Settings Auto-Save Functionality
      • COM GUIDs
    • Improved the rules auto-update function
    • Fixed number of issues in the refactoring engine
    • Fixed - when new rules with configurable properties added to a profile, the Editor will warn if the properties are not populated on the rule Save action
    • Fixed Add Rule dialog in Profile Editor now saves sort order
    • Other minor changes and bug fixes.

    Download build 1.0.07355 here -

    For more information on CodeIt.Right, getting started presentation, support and feedback see Beta announce post.

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  • New CodeIt.Right Rules published - Update 20071017

    by Serge Baranovsky

    New set of CodeIt.Right rules:

    • Avoid unsealed attributes (Performance)
    • COM visible types should be creatable (Interoperability)
    • Pointers should not be visible (Security)
    • Remove empty finalizers (Performance)

    (All of the new rules above offer AutoCorrect options)

    This set of rules is distributed using the Rule AutoUpdate feature added into the Beta 2 of CodeIt.Right. Auto Update triggers in 15 minutes after you start Visual Studio. If you turned the feature off you can manually start the update wizard from the CodeIt.Right/Help & Support/Update Rules menu.

    Another set of rules will be distributed with new build of CodeIt.Right next week as some of them require updated version of the SDK.

    Please leave your feedback how much you like/dislike the AutoUpdate feature, your suggestions - in the CodeIt.Right forum

    (Note: if you skip the custom profile update step in the Rules Update Wizard, you still can add new rules to your custom profile(s) using the Add Rule button in the Profile Editor - you will find recent rules by sorting the date column)

    For more information on CodeIt.Right, getting started presentation, support and feedback see Beta 1 announce post.

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