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  • CodeIt.Right v2.0 Beta Available Now!

    The BETA for CodeIt.Right has arrived and this is our new major version of the code quality product:

    • cir_20_ir_2Instant Code Review feature – get code quality feedback as you code and refactor on the spot!
    • Visual Studio 11 support
    • Multiple categories for a rule
    • Multi-select in Violations Report
    • XAML Parser
    • 8 new Silverlight/WPF/XAML rules
    • 27 new ASP.NET/Security rules
    • Profile Editor - filter for selected/unselected rules
    • Option to require exclude comments
    • and more

    Focus on coding – we will help you with quality

    If you love the CodeIt.Right code quality rules and auto-corrections but want an immediate feedback as you code, the new Instant Code Review feature is for you!

    Instant Review allows to run select set of rules in the background and get real-time code issues feedback to developers in the Visual Studio Editor. The feature highlights code elements that raised violation in the editor and shows complete list of file code issues in the right violations bar (next to the scrollbar). Violation detail window explains the nature of the issue, offers auto-refactoring options and option to ignore (exclude) the violation. The feature can be turned on/off with a single click, supports multiple user configurable profiles that can be switched in the toolbar or right margin violations bar context menu.

    cir_20_multiselectIs that it?

    CodeIt.Right v2.0 has many more features and improvements. For detailed list please see What’s New in CodeIt.Right v2.0

    How do I try it?

    Download the BETA at 

    Where do I post feedback?

    Please post your v2.0 Beta feedback in the CodeIt.Right v2.0 Beta forum

    Note to current Standard Edition users – in version 2.0 we have added "Standard" edition name to all folder locations (Program Files, My Documents, etc) and registry keys. When you install v2.0 Beta you will need to copy your custom profiles and rules into the new folders.

    Note to all Beta users: Even though CodeIt.Right v2.0 Beta is stable it's Beta nevertheless. Proceed with care.

  • Holiday Offer: Complimentary Software Assurance and Licence Protection + Save up to 30%!

    Holiday Offer

    SubMain is proud to spread the holiday cheer by offering customers best savings of the year with free 1 year of Software Assurance and Support, free lifetime License Protection and great savings on multiple license purchases.

    Get Software Assurance and Support absolutely free!

    From now until January 7, purchase any new CodeIt.Right licenses and receive 1 year of Software Assurance and Support subscription at no additional cost. Normally priced at $100 per user ($150 per user for Enterprise Edition), Software Assurance annual subscription plan is the most cost effective and convenient way to stay current with the latest versions of our products and get priority support when you need it.

    Plus free License Protection!

    If you purchase just released GhostDoc Pro, you will receive free License Protection and secure GhostDoc Pro updates and new versions at no charge for the product lifetime.

    GhostDoc Pro Edition is enhanced version of the product that gives users complete control over your XML Comment content and layout as well as automates XML Comment generation via batch actions.

    Get it today! No hurdles! No hoops!

    It is easy to get your free software assurance subscription and license protection. Just place your order on the SubMain website by January 7, and we will automatically give you the free year of software assurance and support subscription. If your purchase includes GhostDoc, you will automatically receive lifetime license protection for free too. No hassle. No headaches.

    But wait, there is more!

    On the top of the free offers above, you can save even more when you buy multiple CodeIt.Right licenses:

    • Save 20% on CodeIt.Right Standard Edition 5 license pack

    • Save 30% on CodeIt.Right Enterprise Edition 10 license pack

    Email us at for information on the the 5 and 10 pack discounts.

    Need more info about SubMain products?

    Learn more about SubMain products

    Ready to get your holiday bonus?

    Buy now for the holiday offer

    Still have questions?

    No problem! Contact the SubMain sales department via email

  • Community: CodeIt.Right and CruiseControl.NET; File Header Template for StyleCop

    We are added 2 new community contributions to our Tutorials page.

    Paulo Morgado posted a great template for CodeIt.Right Code File Header correction action that automatically generates file header compliant with StyleCop Rules. You can find the template source in Paulo's blog post CodeIt.Right Code File Header Template For StyleCop Rules

    Craig Sutherland has done a great job integrating CodeIt.Right with CruiseControl.NET.

    Here is CodeIt.Right violations report in CC.NET - great to see Craig took advantage of the Severity Threshold feature and implemented filtering to reduce "noise" in the report very much like we have it in CodeIt.Right:


    CC.NET CodeIt.Right Analysis Summary report screenshot:


    Thank you, Paulo and Craig! Great work!

  • SubMain acquires Exact Magic's TestMatrix, CodeSpell and StudioTools

    As announced earlier today we just closed the acquisition of the popular unti testing and code coverage product TestMatrix, as well as CodeSpell and StudioTools. We, SubMain, will continue to maintain and enhance these products.

    TestMatrix adds support for unit testing, code coverage analysis, and test profiling to Visual Studio, seamlessly incorporating these critical development practices directly into the coding process itself; CodeSpell adds real-time, intelligent detection and correction of misspellings to Visual Studio; and StudioTools is a rich collection of Visual Studio enhancements.

    We are also announcing today the availability of the new version for all three products - TestMatrix, CodeSpell and StudioTools - v2.1.10055 which adds support for Visual Studio 2010 RC.

    We are very excited about taking over the future of such great products! TestMatrix complements CodeIt.Right into a Code Quality Suite which will be be complete with the addition of the new product codenamed Project Anelare in the next few months.

    For more on the agreement, please see the press release.

  • Released: CodeIt.Right v1.9.10053

    Today we released update for CodeIt.Right Standard and Enterprise Editions - v1.9.10053. As part of our 2010 Product Roadmap, this version changes include significantly improved performance, support for GlobalSuppressions, new rules and bug fixes.

    New in CodeIt.Right v1.9.10053:

    • Major performance improvements throughout the rule base
    • Added support for GlobalSuppressions - syntax is the same as the VSTS GlobalSuppressions file. This new feature is supported in both Standard and Enterprise editions.
    • SuppressMessage attribute for class now applied to all member of the class (see example at the bottom of the post)
    • New Rules:
      • Avoid the Page.DataBind method (AspNet)
      • Avoid the DataBinder.Eval method (AspNet)
      • Do not use SaveAs method to store uploaded files (AspNet)
      • Always define a global error handler (AspNet)
      • Do not disable custom errors (AspNet)
      • Avoid setting the AutoPostBack property to True (AspNet)
      • Interface methods should be callable by child types (Design)
      • Remove unused parameters (Usage)
    • Corrected download redirect link in the Enterprise Edition when new version is available. In the past versions it would incorrectly open the Standard Edition download page
    • Fixed Encapsulate Field refactoring issue
    • Other fixes for the reported issues

    The following code sample on how class level SuppressMessage attribute excludes TypesAndMembersShouldHaveXmlComments rule for the class and all its members (bullet #3 above):

    [SuppressMessage("SubMain.CodeItRight.Rules.General", "GE00005:TypesAndMembersShouldHaveXmlComments")]
    public class MyUndocumentedClass
        public void MyUndocumentedMethod1{}
        public void MyUndocumentedMethod2{}

    This update is free for all users who are current on their Software Assurance and Support Subscription


  • 2010 Product Roadmap


    Code Quality developer tools is the direction we've been following since the introduction of CodeIt.Right and we are taking this commitment to the next level in 2010 with two new products and new features for our existing products.  One of the new products to be released in 2010 will assist in unit testing, code coverage and test code profiling; the second new product will be complementary to CodeIt.Right.  All three products together will comprise our new Code Quality Suite.  Additionally, we will continue to keep up with the Visual Studio 2010 release schedule and have all of our products 2010 compatible when VS2010 is RTM.

    Here is what we are planning for 2010:

    • New product!

      • Coming March 2010:  we are adding to our product line by offering a unit test runner and code coverage product.

    • New product!

      • Project Anelare (code name) - we will provide details on this project as we get closer to a public preview.  At this point we can share that this will be product complementary to CodeIt.Right - together they will encompass our code quality package.

    • VS2010 support

      • For all products - most of our products are compatible with VS2010 RC, and we will be VS2010 RTM compatible by the time it RTMs.

    • CodeIt.Right

      • Optimized rule library performance:  the new version will be released the first week in March!

      • Community Rule Valuation & Review: we are pioneering "social" in code analysis by enabling the community to rate rules and provide feedback; as well as leverage the community feedback, best uses and best practices for each rule.

      • NEW Rules - with emphasis on security, FxCop/StyleCop parity, SharePoint, WPF & Silverlight rules.

      • (EE) Trend Analysis: monitor code quality improvements over time.

      • (EE) Integration with manual code review tools.

      • Global Suppressions:  adding support for GlobalSuppressions and extending syntax of the SuppressMessage attribute for more flexible in-code exclusions.

      • Multi-select in the violations list.

      • Copy Rule feature:  clone and change rule instance configuration

      • Command line enhancements: open command line/build violations output in Visual Studio for correction

      • Annotation: for excludes and corrections

      • XAML support:  enables building Silverlight and WPF specific rules

      • Profile Wizard:  quick start no-brainer user/project profile based on the project type, importance, community valuation, favorite food, etc

    • GhostDoc

      • We are currently prioritizing the feature set for the new version of GhostDoc. If you have a feature request that you have not submitted yet, share them with us in the GhostDoc forum.

    Stay tuned to our blog for more details about our progress!

  • Released: CodeIt.Right Enterprise v1.9.09355

    New version of CodeIt.Right Enterprise Edition - build 1.9.09355 - is available for download now.

    This version introduces new feature Merge Profiles that allows to compare and merge user configured profiles, enhances VSTS integration with the new "Add WorkItem" feature, adds command line version parameters and ability to load/unload CodeIt.Right in the menu and Add-In Manager.


    This update is free for all users who are current on their Software Assurance and Gold Support Subscription

    New in CodeIt.Right Enterprise v1.9:

    • New Merge Profiles feature allows to compare and merge user configured profiles
    • New "Add WorkItem" feature - create TFS WorkItem from a violation 
    • Added /metrics parameter to the command line utility to generate XML output for three metrics reports – "Member", "Type" and "Code"
    • Added /sendto parameter to the command line utility - send the violation/metrics output via email
    • CodeIt.Right can now be loaded/unloaded in the menu and Add-In Manager
    • Build server setup doesn't require Visual Studio on the build machine anymore 
    • "Built-in profile" option now is not selectable in the Analysis Module when one or more custom profiles deployed via Team Configuration Module
    • New Rules:
      • Specify CultureInfo (Globalization)
      • Specify IFormatProvider (Globalization)
      • Specify StringComparison (Globalization)
      • Avoid excessive complexity (Maintainability)
      • Avoid excessive inheritance (Maintainability)
      • Do not use deprecated properties of Response object (AspNet)
    • Fixed a number of bugs in the application and the rules...
  • 5+1=3 or 10+1=6 Promotion - Save up to 50%!

    For two weeks - December 15 to December 29th - we are running the best volume license promotion we have had to date! This promotion is aimed at small and medium businesses.


    6 Standard Edition licenses for the price of 3:

    5 user licenses
    1 server license
    1 Year maintenance subscription

    = $1050
    Buy Now! Learn More »
    11 Enterprise Edition licenses for the price of 6:

    10 user licenses
    1 server license
    1 Year maintenance subscription

    = $4500
    Buy Now! Learn More »


    Hurry and save money - this offer will not last long!

    This offer is only valid until December 29th.

  • Released: CodeIt.Right version 1.8.09300 - now compatible with VS2010 Beta 2!

    Today we are releasing new version of CodeIt.Right - build 1.8.09300.

    This version features complete ASP.NET support, it is compatible with VS2010 Beta 2 (in addition to VS2008, VS2005, VS2003), Add Rule dialog improvements - "Hide Rules in the Profile" and "Quick Search", 10+ new rules including new category "CodingStyle".

    Those of you who are using CodeIt.Right with very large solutions may know of the memory limitation issue for the tools that live in the Visual Studio address space, aka "Out of Memory" exceptions. You will be excited to know we have addressed the issue in this version by introducing new "Memory Optimization" mode. The "Performance mode" is still on by default since it offers a little faster analysis but CodeIt.Right will offer to switch to the "Memory Optimization" option when you open a large solution or get the dreaded "Out of Memory" exception. You also are free to switch between the options manually.

    Another change we made - we removed Sealed modifier for all built-in rules. This gives you even easier way to extend and customize existing rules by simply overriding just the methods you wanted changed. Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding a tutorial on how to do that. Ping us if you want this sooner.

    This update is free for all users who are current on their Software Assurance and Gold Support Subscription

    New in CodeIt.Right v1.8:

    • Now compatible with VS2010 Beta 2, VS2008, VS2005 and VS2003
    • Finally complete ASP.NET support including refactorings in HTML markup.
    • Added Memory Optimization mode – allows to minimize the memory use at slightly lower reduces performance. This allows to solve the “Out of Memory” issue on large solutions.
    • Added Performance tab to the Options window – Best Performance/Memory Optimization.
    • Added new Exclude tab and moved all exclude tabs there
    • All Exclude tabs now support multi-select
    • New option to Exclude a Project
    • Added new “Add” button in Exclude Rule, Exclude File and Exclude Project tabs – the dialogs support multi-select.
    • Profile Editor -> Add Rule dialog has new option Hide Rules in the Profile which removes from the selection the rules that already exist in the selected profile.
    • Profile Editor -> Add Rule dialog has new Quick Search that filters the list for the rules that contain entered substring
    • Added RuleID to rule help documentation.
    • Product license codes when entered are now activated on the SubMain server.
    • Auto Update wizard now shows Software Assurance & Gold Support subscription expiration date.
    • About window now shows Software Assurance & Gold Support subscription expiration date.
    • All web services – Auto Update, Error Reporting, Statistics and Activation – are now accessed over SSL protected HTTPS connection.
    • Removed Sealed modifier for all built-in rules. This allows for new easier way to extend and customize existing rules by simply overriding specific methods. (Sample is coming)
    • Addressed issues related to incorrect source file encoding when Byte Order Mark (BOM) attribute was missing.
    • New Rules:
      • Abstract class should have at least one derive class (Design)
      • Interface should have at least one implementation (Design)
      • Project should have AssemblyInfo file (Design)
      • Do not place assembly attributes outside of AssemblyInfo file (Design)
      • Do not include multiple statements on a single line (CodingStyle)
      • Avoid single line If statement (CodingStyle)
      • Do not check for empty strings using Equals (Performance)
      • XML Comments should be spelled correctly (Spelling)
      • Avoid non-public fields in ComVisible value types (Interoperability)
      • Avoid static members in ComVisible types (Interoperability)
      • PInvokes should not be visible (Interoperability)
    • Fixed a number of bugs in the application and the rules...


    Download version 1.8.09300 here - 

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  • SubMain acquires GhostDoc, releases new version, integrates it with CodeIt.Right

    As announced earlier today we just closed the acquisition of the popular XML Comment helper tool GhostDoc. We, SubMain, will continue to evolve the tool and distribute it as a free product.

    We are also announcing today the availability of the new version of GhostDoc v2.5.09150 which improves the user setup experience, adds support for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 and full support for Visual Basic.

    Additionally, today we are making available a new version of CodeIt.Right (v1.6.09151) that adds the IntelliComment feature based on the GhostDoc algorithm and offers improved and automated generation of XML Comments.

    We are very excited about taking over the future of an excellent tool such as GhostDoc! We are committed to maintaining this wonderful free tool and we welcome the community feedback and suggestions.

    For more on the agreement, please see the press release and interview with Serge Baranovsky and Roland Weigelt - What's in the shop for GhostDoc?

    New in GhostDoc v2.5:
    • Compatible with VS2010
    • Support for VB - GhostDoc now has full support for VB
      • Removed "Enable experimental support for VB" option in Settings.
    • Improved product setup experience
      • Single setup for all supported versions of Visual Studio - VS2005, VS2008 and VS2010.
      • Setup will detect older version installed and automatically uninstall it.
    • Converted from VS Add-In to VS Package
    • Resolved installation issues related to the VS Add-In model - by converting to VS Package

    Download GhostDoc v2.5.09150 here - 

    Download CodeIt.Right v1.6.09151 here - 

  • Released: CodeIt.Right version 1.6.09139 - now fully compatible with VS2010 Beta 1!

    Click for a full-sized image

    As you may know yesterday Microsoft released VS2010 Beta 1 to MSDN Subscribers. The Beta will also be publicly available for the rest of the world on Wednesday. This is long expected and very exciting new version of Visual Studio; and we here at SubMain are fully prepared to support the new shiny version!

    While some companies make a big deal posting screenshots of the upcoming VS2010 versions and announcing availability of previews for their products within a month, we at SubMain have been working hard to give our customers a new fully VS2010 compatible version on the day of VS2010 Beta 1 release!

    So ... today, within the 24 hours of the VS2010 Beta 1 availability, you can download new version of CodeIt.Right that runs in VS2010 (as well as VS2008, VS2005, VS2003) and fully understands the syntax changes in C# 4.0 and VB10! This is just of the many new features that come with this release - you can see the long list below.

    Another great feature added in this version is the template based rules. We currently support T4 templates. The template based rules are simpler and more flexible alternative to writing custom rules using CodeIt.Right SDK.

    Click for a full-sized image

    Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding a tutorial on how to use and customize T4 templates in CodeIt.Right. Ping us if you want this sooner.

    Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

    This update is free for all users who are current on their Software Assurance and Gold Support Subscription

    New in CodeIt.Right v1.6:

    • Compatible with VS2010
    • C# 4.0 and VB10 syntax support
      • Automatically Implemented Properties (VB.NET)
      • Generic Variance (VB.NET)
      • Multi-line lambda expressions that can contain statements (VB.NET)
      • Implicit line continuation (VB.NET)
      • Dynamic lookup (C#) - (the "dynamic" type)
      • Named and Optional parameters (C#)
      • Covariance and contravariance (C#)
    • Added T4 template based rules
      • Profile Editor supports editing and validation of T4 templates
      • Rule "Externally visible types and members should have XML comments" has been rewritten as a template based rule and is customizable now
      • Added Global Properties tab in Options - user configured properties to be used with the T4 templates
    • Spell-checking rules
      • significantly improved performance, now suggested spellings lookup is only performed when the the Correction Options dropdown is clicked
      • Spell-checking rules - improved performance when use a secondary (non-English) dictionary
      • Spell-checking rules - renamed en_US.usr to complang.usr
    • Further improved ASP.NET support - rename refactoring now also corrects the ASP.NET page HTML markup server tag IDs and attributes
    • Context menus Check All, Clear All and Correct Checked are now context specific when clicked on file or project lines in the violations list
    • Improved performance for Check All, Clear All, Exclude Rule and Exclude File 
    • Analyze Project and Analyze File context menus in the violations list, see forum post 
    • Analyze Folder and Analyze Project context menus in the Solution Explorer
    • Synchronization of the file selected in the Solution Explorer with the violations list
    • About dialog - added subscription expiration date
    • Added "Don't show this exception again" checkbox to the unhandled exceptions dialog
    • Default Encapsulate Field correction for rules "Do not declare externally visible instance fields" and "Secured types should not expose fields" changed from "Create new property and update all references where the field is use" to "Rename the field, create new property with the original field name and do not update the field references" (for the public name has not changed), see forum post
    • Added new property ExcludeList to all Naming rules, see forum post 
    • Added new RuleTargets - Solution, Project, File
    • New Rules:
      1. Use constants where appropriate (Performance)
      2. Remove unused internal classes (Performance)
      3. Do not initialize unnecessarily (Performance)
      4. Source file name should be Pascal cased (General)
      5. Source file should contain only one public type (General)
      6. Source file name should match public type name (General)
      7. Enable Treat Compiler Warnings As Errors option (General)
      8. Enforce Warning Level 4 (General)
      9. Source file should have a header (General) - a T4 template based rule
    • more bug fixes

    Known issues

    We are releasing the product with one known issue this time for it is very minor.

    • Under VS2010 Beta 1 CodeIt.Right rule documentation links, like "More", "Tell me more..." don't work. This feature depends on the Visual Studio offline help module which was not shipped with VS2010 Beta 1. The rule documentation help work fine in VS2008, VS2005 and VS2003.


    Download version 1.6.09139 here -  

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  • CodeIt.Right reviewed on MSDN Toolbox

    With just a couple of days left this year, I wanted to share with you a great article in the MSDN Magazine Toolbox column this month on Improving Software Quality with Static Code Analysis Tools where MS MVP Scott Mitchell is reviewing Static Analysis Tools For .NET. Scott is comparing FxCop, StyleCop and CodeIt.Right:

    While FxCop and StyleCop pinpoint rule violations, the developer is still responsible for implementing these tools' suggestions. CodeIt.Right from SubMain takes static code analysis to the next level by enabling rule violations to be automatically refactored into conforming code.

    Like FxCop, CodeIt.Right ships with an extensive set of predefined rules, based on the design guidelines document mentioned earlier, with the ability to add custom rules. But CodeIt.Right makes it much easier to create and use custom rules.

    CodeIt.Right's biggest benefit is the automatic code refactoring.

    Scott summarizes:

    Static code analysis tools provide a fast, automated way to ensure that your source code adheres to predefined design and style guidelines. Following such guidelines helps produce more uniform code and also can point out potential security, performance, interoperability, and globalization shortcomings.

    Thank you, Scott!

    Visit MSDN Magazine web site for the complete article.

    What is your experience with CodeIt.Right, please tell us. And, as always, ask questions!

    Happy Holidays!

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  • Released: CodeIt.Right version 1.2.08357

    Just before the holiday we are releasing new version of CodeIt.Right - build 1.2.08357. Download version 1.2.08357 today!

    This release features addition of spell checking engine to CodeIt.Right SDK, workaround for the Out of Memory error on large solutions, 12 new rules and many bugs fixed.

    Please share your feedback in the forums especially on the new spell checking rules - we are still working and improving them.

    Note: The new spelling rules are included with the built-in profile but they are turned off by default - you will need to turn them on. For all rules you will need to add them into your custom profiles.

    This update is free for all users who are current on their Software Assurance and Gold Support Subscription

    Major changes in CodeIt.Right v1.2 :

    • New feature - Spell Checker, we extended SDK with spell checking engine which enables us to add new rules. This build includes en-US, en-GB, en-CA, en-AU, fr-FR, es-ES, es-MX dictionaries. You can add other languages using OpenOffice format dictionaries. We cannot distribute de-DE and it-IT dictionaries for they are GNU GPL licensed but you can download them from OpenOffice web site here as well as several dozen of other languages.
    • Added - Out Of Memory error handling - shows dialog that links to the page with recommendations on How to avoid Out Of Memory exceptions in Visual Studio by enabling is to use up to 3GB of virtual memory
    • Added - "Copy Violation" in the violation list allows to copy the highlighted violation information into clipboard. Alternatively use Ctrl+C.
    • "Exclude File" violation list context menu option is now enabled when right-clicked on the file name row
    • Added - Cache Folder Path option - allows to move CodeIt.Right cache directory (default - User\Application Data)
    • New Rules:
      1. Identifiers Should Be Spelled Correctly (Spelling)
      2. Comments Should Be Spelled Correctly (Spelling)
      3. Type link demands require inheritance demands (Security)
      4. Secured types should not expose fields (Security)
      5. Secure serialization constructors (Security)
      6. Review visible event handlers (Security)
      7. Review deny and permit only usage (Security)
      8. Review declarative security on value types (Security)
      9. Method security should be a superset of type (Security)
      10. Array fields should not be read only (Security)
      11. Aptca methods should only call aptca methods (Security)
      12. Wrap vulnerable finally clauses in outer try (Security)
    • CodeItRight.Cmd.exe changes:
    • many bugs fixed

    Download build 1.2.08357 here -  

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  • PDC 2008 CodeIt.Right License giveaway!

    by Serge Baranovsky

    The best and the biggest MS developer conference Microsoft PDC 2008 edition is just few days away. We, of course, wouldn't miss the great opportunity to meet and network with potentially 10000 developers.

    This year we will be giving away free CodeIt.Right licenses for those who manage to spot me in the crowd and talk to me about your favorite CodeIt.Right feature, what you don't like about the product or help to prioritize the upcoming features. Or talk about what's important to you, what's on you mind, or just a geek talk.

    To help you find me I will share that I'm attending Palermo Party Sunday night and hanging around most every party, event, session and between the sessions. You can follow me on Twitter , email me at or call our toll free line 1 (800) 936-2134 and choose the extension 3 - "Talk to Serge" (special PDC option :)

    If you have never met in person, perhaps picture on my Twitter account - - will help you :)

    Looking forward to meeting you all in LA next week!

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  • Released: CodeIt.Right Build 1.1.08262

    New version of CodeIt.Right is out! You can download build 1.1.08262 today.

    This is a major release even though we only added ".1" to the version. It includes .NET 3.5 support, Guidelines document template generation, option to analyze single file, enhanced SDK documentation, new rules, new command line version parameters and more. Please share your feedback in the forums.

    This update is free for all users who are current on their Software Assurance and Gold Support Subscription

    Major changes in CodeIt.Right v1.1 :

    • Support for .NET 3.5 (C# 3.0 and VB 9.0)
    • New feature - Generate Template in Profile Editor allows to generate guidelines document template based on the profile. Please note the XSL stylesheet only works with IE (not Firefox)
    • New feature - Analyze File in the Solution Explorer context menu - enables individual source code file analysis
    • New feature - Severity Threshold dropdown - allows to quickly filter violations by severity
    • Improved Profile Editor layout
    • Added "Rule Info" tab in Profile Editor
    • Pivot View allows to save your custom views (Save As)
    • Updated SDK documentation - now includes most every class, method and property of CodeIt.Right SDK. We will update the Online SDK documentation promptly.
    • Auto-Update now also includes the latest help file
    • New Options -> General -> Max violations to report (default Unlimited) to limit to the first N violations reported
    • New Rules:
      1. Do not declare read only mutable reference types (Security)
      2. Seal methods that satisfy private interfaces (Security)
      3. Secure GetObjectData overrides (Security)
      4. Assemblies should declare minimum security (Security)
      5. Override link demands should be identical to base (Security)
      6. Prefix member calls with self (Usage)
      7. Do not prefix calls with Base unless needed (Usage)
      8. Review suppress unmanaged code security usage (Security)
      9. Do not indirectly expose methods with link demands (Security)
      10. Security transparent code should not assert (Security)
      11. Secure asserts (Security)
      12. Code region name should be PascalCased (Naming)
    • CodeItRight.Cmd.exe improvements:
      • Added MsBuild and Nant tasks (SubMain.CodeItRight.MSBuild.dll and
      • Fixed /Quiet option
      • Added /OutXSL parameter
      • Added /CRData parameter
      • Added /severityThreshold parameter
      • Improved formatting of the output XML data file
      • Added return error codes
      • Removed key press required in the older version
      • see CodeItRight.Cmd.exe Command Line Options for details
    • Removed Alt shortcuts in the toolbar - they were conflicting with some of the Visual Studio
    • Renaming a parameter now also updates its name in XML comments
    • Added CodeRegion class in the SDK
    • Added "Expression" and "Code Region" to Rule targets
    • many bugs fixed

    Download build 1.1.08262 here -  

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