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How CodeIt.Right is better than FxCop?

The biggest benefit of CodeIt.Right is the automatic code correction and refactoring to patterns. The alternative is you could manually spend hours or even days on some pesky violations rather CodeIt.Right do the work for you in a matter of minutes.

You can also choose to follow Microsoft Guidelines or you own custom standards, group rule sets into profiles, generate your custom standard documentation, efficiently work with existing/legacy projects, avoid false positives.

The Enterprise Edition adds Team features, Code Metrics, Statistics, enhanced reporting.

  CodeIt.Right FxCop
Instant Code Review Real-time code analysis provides instant feedback to developers in the Visual Studio Editor and fixes issues on the spot N/A
  Scans and analyzes source code Runs on compiled assemblies (you have to compile code to use it)
Correction Corrects violations and code smells automatically  N/A
Refactoring to patterns Automatically implements and corrects most common coding patterns like Dispose/Finalize, ISerializable, Custom Serialization, etc  N/A
Visual Studio Integration Natively integrates into Visual Studio IDE; quick navigation to the violation source code; highlights modifications in the editor; safe Undo/Redo. Basic/Command line
ASP.NET ASPX/ASCX/ASMX pages, in-page code, code behind source Only compiled code behind assemblies
Local variables/constants Includes rules that are targeting local variables/constants and any data that is present in the source code Not possible in FxCop - the data is lost in the MSIL
Follow your own standards Includes Microsoft Guidelines and best industry practices out of the box. Allows to define your own standard to follow - tweak the rule set to your needs without having to write custom rules (which is an option too). For example, go as crazy as enforce Hungarian naming conventions; or convert existing project with Hungarian notation to the new MS style conventions. Strictly enforces Microsoft Guidelines - inflexible and enforces the set with no options to configure
Define custom rule set Profiles - configure multiple rule subsets and quickly switch between them. Share profiles between the Team members or (EE) push them to the Team.  N/A
Rule Instances Introduces Rule Instances - multiple instances of a single rule that are configured (via rule Properties) to your Team needs Only allows to turn off specific rule, cannot configure/tweak
Reducing noise (false positives)
  • Exclude violation in Project
  • Exclude violation in source code
  • Exclude Violation, Rule, File, Project
  • Exclude code regions
  • Custom Profiles
  • Override default rule severity, target, scope, etc
  • Exclude violation in Project
  • Exclude violation in source code
Severity Threshold Unique feature - Severity Threshold - allows to concentrate on most critical violations first and drill down from most severe issues to simple warnings.  N/A

Scan entire solution, project, folder or individual file Scan projects only
Create own guidelines documentation Generate Team Guidelines document within a mouse click, with description, code samples, etc - based on your custom configured Profile  N/A
Team features (EE) separate modules to (a) author / configure team standards and (b) run analysis and correction based on the team standard configured by Team Lead/Architect; publish and push (share) Team standard configuration to the Team members; Team usage statistics  N/A
Reporting Flexible reporting/pivot that can be exported and printed  N/A
Code Metrics Available (EE); can be exported, printed, emailed  N/A
Command line output Violations, Code Metrics (EE) Violations only
Command line filtering Solution, Project, Profile, Severity Threshold Project, Assembly
Command line delivery File, Send via email File only
Command line integration Command line tool, MsBuild and NAnt tasks Command line tool
Update delivery Rule Library auto-update - get new rules when we publish them

Download trial copy of CodeIt.Right today and see the difference yourself!


Published Wednesday, February 3, 2010 10:52 PM by Serge B. (SubMain)
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