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CodeIt.Right Check-In Policy Integration

Using the Enterprise edition, CodeIt.Right integrates seamlessly into your Source Control procedures, letting you scan files, highlight issues or violations, and fix them before check-in.  Because you can test the code against any configured profile, you can be sure that it conforms to the team’s requirements before it’s allowed to be checked in. 


First, select Team Project Settings –> Source Control… from the Team Explorer menu.



The Source Control Settings dialog will appear.  Select the Check-in Policy tab and then click the Add button.



When the list of available Check-in policies appears, select CodeIt.Right, then click OK.  (CodeIt.Right will register itself in Visual Studio when you install it.)



The next dialog to appear will display all of your saved CodeIt.Right profiles.  This will include the built-in profiles together with any profiles you have created.



Select the profile you want to have applied to this code before Check-in, then click OK.  Note that at this stage, you have the option to create a new profile or edit an existing one by using the buttons in that dialog. 


When you check-in your code, the Source Control Settings dialog shown below will appear.   This highlights the requirement for CodeIt.Right to be run before Check-in is allowed.  Note that again there are options to add, edit, remove, or disable this requirement.



When you click OK to proceed, CodeIt.Right profile options will be displayed, allowing you to select a profile to apply.



Once the profile has been selected, click OK to display the Check in – Source Files dialog.  Then, select the file(s) to be checked and click the Check In button. 



CodeIt.Right will then run in the background, validating the code.  If violations are found, a warning message will be displayed.



Double click on the description and CodeIt.Right will display a message that tells you that the violations list is ready to view.



Click on the OK button to dismiss the dialog and bring the CodeIt.Right crdata file into view.  You can then fix the issues shown in the violations list, using the many options and features of CodeIt.Right.  Once the issues have been fixed, repeat the check-in procedure to check-in the corrected code file.

This useful feature of the CodeIt.Right Enterprise Edition will help keep your team on track and ensure that only code that meets your required standards is allowed to be checked in.

Published Thursday, April 11, 2013 5:35 PM by xtab


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