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Publishing Custom Configured Coding Standards to Your Team


CodeIt.Right Enterprise Edition installation package includes two modules for you to choose from - Team Configuration Module and Analysis Module. 

The Team Configuration Module (TCM) is tailored for Team Leads and Architects.  With this module installed, you can configure your team guidelines by using profiles that best meet your team’s requirements.  You can also author additional custom rules and when everything is set up to your satisfaction, can deploy profiles to your team.

The Analysis Module (AM), on the other hand, is the version you’ll usually want your team members to install.  In this version, the developer doesn’t have the option to author new rules or to modify profiles but must select a profile from those made available by the Team Lead.

Publishing new or edited profiles from the TCM is easy and this tutorial will take you through it step by step.

One thing to point out before we start is that when you first install the TCM one of the options in the installation asks you to choose the Shared Folder on the network.


This folder will be used to publish rule updates to the team.  If you don’t want to use the default location, you can always change the Shared Folder in the Options menu.  The same Shared Folder is also used for the Enterprise Edition statistics database, and is where the developers’ Analysis Module installations send their statistics for review and analysis.

Publishing Profiles from the Team Configuration Module

When you are ready to publish profiles to the team members who have the Analysis Module installed, open the Profile Editor and select the Publish menu item:


The Publish dialog box shown below will then appear:


In this dialog, select the profiles you want to push out to the team and click Finish.  If you a shared Dictionary, this can be published to the team by checking the Publish Shared Dictionary option at the bottom of the list.

After the publishing has completed, you will see a confirmation message. Team members with the AM installed will now able to use all the published profiles and the dictionary, if selected.

Rule Updates tab

This tab is shown in the Publish Dialog only if the <CodeIt.Right installation folder>\Updates folder contains least one update folder, like the 20140121 example shown below.


This folder contains child folders with updates that were downloaded by the TCM administrator from the SubMain web service. Each folder contains individual assemblies for each rule category and one UpdateConfig.xml file, as seen in the screenshot below.


Here is an example of an UpdateConfig.xml file:

<CirRuleUpdate sdkVersion="" url=",category,Rules.aspx" description="Rule Update 20140121" date="20140121" />

Folders Used for Publishing

Profiles are copied from c:\Users\<user>\Documents\SubMain\CodeIt.Right <edition> for VS20XX\Profiles\ to <publish folder>\Updates


If the Publish Shared Dictionary option is selected, the shared dictionary is copied from c:\Users\<user>\Documents\SubMain\CodeIt.Right <edition> for VS20XX\Dic\user.dic to <publish folder>\


The Wizard will publish all rule assemblies that are referenced in profiles that you select to be published.



The <publish folder>\Updates folder has folders that each contain rule assemblies. Each folder has a name that should match SubMain.CodeItRight.Sdk.dll for that update.

How Analysis Module Users Receive Updates

Developers who have the Analysis Module version installed can synchronize their installation automatically or manually.  The necessary files are transferred or updated from the Shared Folder to the local CodeIt.Right installation. 

The frequency for update checks is configured in the Auto Update option, which is accessible from CodeIt.Right -> Options -> Auto Update menu item in Visual Studio.   You can see the Auto Update options dialog in the screenshot below.


The user can select to update every week, every month or manually.  There is also a Check Now button.

Publishing Updates from a Build Machine

For a build machine where  Visual Studio isn’t installed, you can use the CodeItRight.Cmd.exe Command  Line Options to publish updates.  In this case you use the /RuleUpdate switch – see CodeItRight.Cmd.exe Command Line Options for more information.

Published Wednesday, April 2, 2014 4:48 PM by xtab


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