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First and Last (parameters)

  •  07-20-2010, 3:44 AM

    First and Last (parameters)


    I just downloaded the last released GhostDoc atm. and started writting some custom configuration (I had played with old versions, before it was adquired by submain). I decided to write a custom rule for all the methods and properties in one of my solutions in Visual Studio 2010... I thought it was a good way to test both my naming convention and the power of GhostDoce while getting that (damn) solution documented. So far I've only skiped private members and certain method I will not mention (in fact I think that If I can't generalize it's naming maybe I've picked a bad naming to begin with).

     The matter of this post is about a problem I found creating my rules, I have some methods of the shape:

    bool Equals(any x, any y)

    Where any mean any type, but I also have a few:

    bool Equals(any<anotherany> x, any<anotherany> y, IEqualityComparer<anotherany> comparer) 

     Where anotherany is another any type differnet from any. (... you get the idea ...). Well GhostDoc decided to pick the second methods with the first rule, so I though that if I write an specific rule for the second GhostDoc will correctly pick that one (and it does it). But I have had to tell the type for the second parameter as the type of the first, while correct in my situation, I did left open the data type in the rule so it may come to be wrong for other methods.

    So far It's not a problem, but the rule would have been better defined using like: $(Parameters.Current.TypeName.FullNameAsSee) instead of $(Parameters.First.TypeName.FullNameAsSee). Also It would be good if I can tell GhostDoc that a certain rule is closed or open for more parameters, that is, if it should or not match method with more than the parameters I specified (you have a combo where you say, <any>, equals... etc. for the parameters, add a none for that combo that will mean that there are no more parameters, at least that my suggestion).

     For abstract: I requesting a way to refer the current parameter, and a way to tell GhostDoc to make a rule closed to more parameters.

    By the way, I have a little journy ahead documenting this solution of mine... I'll post here any other bits of incompletenessI find.

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