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FxCop and CodeIt.Right unfied results view

  •  09-23-2010, 6:53 AM

    FxCop and CodeIt.Right unfied results view


    My organization planned purchasing CodeIt.Right soon. We already have FxCop where we developed a lot of custom rules but we want a more powerful tool based on source code instead of IL. We don't want to convert all of our existing FxCop rules to CodeIt.Right rules (at least, not at the begging). So, is there a way to unified both tools in term of UI:

    • Use a single "button" to launch both tools (for that one, I was thinking of using the command line of both tools and generate results file, is there a better way?)
    • Use a single results window in VS (we target VS 2010 with Code). In other words, is it possible to feed programmatically the Analysis Window of CodeIt.Right in VS.



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