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GhostDoc engine gets broken if CodeElement.ReturnType is type of List<T>

  •  07-19-2012, 2:26 PM

    GhostDoc engine gets broken if CodeElement.ReturnType is type of List<T>

    Hi all,

    've introduced my own rules to extend the xml output of properties, methods, fields, etc. As mentioned in the subject, the processor stops processing, if it hits on a List<T> type.

    Take this short code snippet as an example:
    public List<string> TestMethod(List<string> test)
            return test;

    Furthermore I've got some strange behavior with fields and CodeElement.ReturnType. If I will go to ignore CodeElement.HasReturnType, the CodeElement.ReturnType is representing the actual field type, which is quite good. Unfortunately, accessing this property of CodeElement will result in an error too.

    hat I've also figured out: If I write additional documentation tags such as <typeparam>, these tags become duplicated in case Context.GetNonGeneratedTags() is used.

    I'm using the latest version of GhostDoc. Please provide some feedback, if and when this issue will be addressed.

    Regards, Cadenza 


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