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A method always documented the exact same way

  •  05-22-2014, 11:21 AM

    A method always documented the exact same way

    I have a method that when I document it with GhostDoc pro (I'm evaluating it), always returns the same documentation.  It is an implementation method for an interface. It does not pick up the docs from the interface. If I change the summary or parameter text, it is change to some standard. I've tried deleting and adding the method. I've stopped/started VS. I've renamed the method. I've moved the method within the file. I tried removing the inheritance for the class. No matter what I do, the this method is always documented the same way (when I change the name, the summary changed also...but any change I then make is overwritten).

    I have made changes to the method template. I changed the remarks section and the parameters, but didn't touch the summary section. Note that is template works great on every other method in the file. I also reverted the template back to default. In that case, it doesn't pick up the inherited comments, but I can make changes.

    Here is the method:

        public void CacheItem( string key, object value, TimeSpan keepCachedFor )
          var slidingPolicy = new CacheItemPolicy
            SlidingExpiration = keepCachedFor
          var item = new CacheItem( key, value );
          this.internalCache.Set( item, slidingPolicy );

    Any idea what might be going on?

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