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Complex Generic Signature Issues

  •  03-23-2016, 8:13 AM

    Complex Generic Signature Issues

    I am using Ghost Doc Pro 5.1.16036. I am having an issue with a generic method within a non-generic class. It has the following signature:

      namespace VNLibrary.Validation{

    public class Validator {
    public IValidator<string>  When<T>(Func<IValidationContext<string>, bool> when, string key, out T value, bool notNullOrZero = true, T valueOnIgnore = default(T)){


    I am trying to link to it in a <see> tag. I have tried using the Method name directly:  When{T}(Func{IValidationContext{string},bool},string,T@,bool,T)  as well as every combination of adding classname/namespace, etc. I have opened the generated XML file, which indicates that the method should be linked as:


    However, this does not work. Depending on where I am trying to put the <see> tag  (with remarks or within a <list>) I either get Brackets around the class name OR I get the following: 

    When``1(Func<IValidationContext<String>, Boolean>, String, UMP, Boolean, UMP)

    [which for some reason pastes into this editor as When``1(Func<(Of <<'(IValidationContext<(Of <<'(String>)>>), Boolean>)>>), String, UMP%, Boolean, UMP) if that tells you anything]


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