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Unable to correct multiple violations at once - Checkboxes and "check/clear all" buttons missing

  •  02-23-2017, 8:06 AM

    Unable to correct multiple violations at once - Checkboxes and "check/clear all" buttons missing


    My company just made a purchase of CodeIt.Right with Software Assurance and Support Subscription, and we're having some issues getting it work properly. (The subscription part seems to have not gone through your system yet according to the "Check for Updates" button in VS, which says we have no subscription, but we trust that's only a matter of time?)

    As you can see in the screenshot below, we're unable to use checkboxes to make bulk violation corrections. Checkboxes and multi-selection don't even seem to exist, and the "Check all" and "Clear all" button we see in the documentation (here) aren't there. As we just started applying CodeIt.Right to our project, this means we have to manually correct thousands of violations by hand, clicking Correct and then waiting until it's done, then rinse and repeat. Needless to say, this is untenable in the long run. We need the bulk correction, so we can go through each rule, ensure it's a violation we want to fix globally, and then correct all violations of that particular rule in bulk. This cuts it down to a few dozen correction passes, rather than a few thousand.

    In addition, we've seen a lot of issues with the Violations tab in general; the "Correct" button often goes missing (though it is still clickable), and often each rule will be completely blacked out unless it is selected. We've tried switching between various colour themes (Blue, Light, Dark), and these had no effect. Right-clicking in the Violations tab and clicking "Reset to Default Layout" appears to at least partially correct this issue on a temporary basis.



    We're currently running on Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 RC, Version 15.0.26206.0. 

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