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Comment inheritance not working for me

Last post 04-11-2017, 6:02 AM by buttonsrtoys. 2 replies.
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  •  04-07-2017, 6:58 AM 4934

    Comment inheritance not working for me

    I'm evaluating GhostDoc community and understand that it inherits comments from base classes, but its not working for me. I have the c++ code below. I added XML comments to Base::Method() but when I right-click on Derived::Method() and select "GhostDoc > Document This" I get the default documentation below?

    EDIT: I looked at "Option > Rules > Methods > Inherited documentation" and its empty? 

    class Base {


    Base() {}

    ~Base() {}

    /// <summary>

    /// Some really detailed and insightful comments about this method

    /// </summary>

    virtual void Method() = 0;


    class Derived : public Base {

    Derived() {}

    ~Derived() {}

    /// <summary>

    /// Methods this instance.

    /// </summary>

    void Method() override {}


  •  04-10-2017, 10:00 PM 4938 in reply to 4934

    Re: Comment inheritance not working for me


    Thank you for reporting - this was an issue with our C++ parser and we now have fixed that.

    We can provide you with an interim build if you contact us at support at submain dot come. Otherwise, the fix will be available in the next public update.


    Thank you,
    Serge Baranovsky
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  •  04-11-2017, 6:02 AM 4939 in reply to 4938

    Re: Comment inheritance not working for me

    Great! Thanks!! Will email shortly. 

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