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  • Re: GD Pro duplicate seealso on Class

    And when is v-Next?
    Posted to GhostDoc (Forum) by cmillens on October 6, 2017
  • Re: VS 2017 Versioning problem

    OK - so I&#39;ve tried what you suggest and it does work but ... The problem now is that GhostDoc is NOT available in VS 2015 or VS 2013 and yes, I need and use all three version and yes, I have GhostDocPro license. When I install the EXE or the MSI for 2015 and 2013 I get the versioning problem again in VS2017. &nbsp;Thoughts? &nbsp;
    Posted to GhostDoc (Forum) by cmillens on June 16, 2017
  • VS 2017 Versioning problem

    When I download GhostDoc Pro from your site and install it, it installs version 5.5.17070. Everytime I run VS 2017 now I get a notification that 1.0 is available. If Install that VISX, next run I will still get the SAME notification that version 1.0 is available and it shows 5.5.17070 in the about menu. This doesn&#39;t just happen to my ...
    Posted to GhostDoc (Forum) by cmillens on May 31, 2017
  • CI

    Are there any plans at SubMail to get an MSBuild task together to build the help files on a build server?
    Posted to General (Forum) by cmillens on May 7, 2014
  • Re: [GhostDoc Pro] [Method Rule Template] Line that is simply &quot;///&quot; with no other text + space issue.

    When I use the following: &nbsp;&lt;# this.WriteLine(Context.ExecMacro(&quot;$(End)&quot;)); #&gt; &nbsp;I get a random GUID instead of blank line. Without this blank line at the end of the file template, a repeated attempt to update the comments for the file results in the removal of the very next line of of the file. For example, assume the ...
    Posted to GhostDoc (Forum) by cmillens on October 22, 2013
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