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  • CodeIt.Right v3.0 Release Candidate

    We have just made available the Release Candidate of CodeIt.Right v3.0, here is the new feature highlights: VS2017 RC integration Solution filtering by date, source control status and file patterns Summary report view (announced as the Dashboard in the Beta preview) - provides a summary view of the analysis results and metrics, ...
    Posted to SubMain Blog (Weblog) by Anonymous on November 17, 2016
  • CodeIt.Right v3.0 Beta

    The Beta for CodeIt.Right v3 has arrived – the new major version of our automated code review and code quality analysis product. Here are the new version highlights: Official support for VS2015 Update 2 and ASP.NET 5/ASP.NET Core 1.0 solutions New Review Code commands: only opened files only checked out files only files ...
    Posted to SubMain Blog (Weblog) by Anonymous on May 4, 2016
  • CodeIt.Right v2.0 Beta is available as part of the VS11 Beta Bundle

    As part of the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program we have released VS11 Beta compatible version of CodeIt.Right on the ComponentSource website that hosts VS11 Beta Bundle products. And we are very proud that our flagship product is one of the very first VS11 compatible products available as part of the VS11 Beta Bundle on the day ...
    Posted to SubMain Blog (Weblog) by Anonymous on February 29, 2012
  • CodeIt.Right v2.0 Beta Available Now!

    The BETA for CodeIt.Right has arrived and this is our new major version of the code quality product: Instant Code Review feature – get code quality feedback as you code and refactor on the spot! Visual Studio 11 support Multiple categories for a rule Multi-select in Violations Report XAML Parser 8 new ...
    Posted to SubMain Blog (Weblog) by Anonymous on November 25, 2011
  • bug with Remove unused internal classes Rule.

    I get a Remove unused internal classes warning on this code:         static void Main( string[] args )         {             IComparable x=GetInfo(typeof(int));         ...
    Posted to CodeIt.Right (Forum) by Nadav on June 7, 2009
  • New v1.1 is on the way - download CodeIt.Right Beta build 1.1.08198

    by Serge Baranovsky New version of CodeIt.Right is almost out. We have a beta build 1.1.08198 for you today. Please download and give it a try, let us know what work and what doesn't. This is pretty big release that includes .NET 3.5 support, Guidelines document template generation, new command line version parameters and ...
    Posted to SubMain Blog (Weblog) by Anonymous on July 22, 2008
  • CodeIt.Right Release Candidate build 1.0.07355

    by Serge Baranovsky Release is just around the corner - CodeIt.Right Release Candidate build 1.0.07355 is available now. This build also includes CodeIt.Right SDK help file. Please download the Release Candidate and share your feedback in the forums. Major changes overview since the last Beta build Added support for VS2008 ...
    Posted to SubMain Blog (Weblog) by Anonymous on December 21, 2007
  • CodeIt.Right Beta build 1.0.07322

    by Serge Baranovsky Another refresh for CodeIt.Right Beta build 1.0.07322. Please download the latest build and to let us know what you think on the forums. Major changes overview since the last build Changed setup directory for VS2005 version to ''CodeIt.Right'' - used to be ''CideIt.Right for VS2005'' Toolbar and most ...
    Posted to SubMain Blog (Weblog) by Anonymous on November 19, 2007
  • Re: Version 2 Questions/Enhancements

    Serge, Reflecting on the built-in rules assemblies helped a great deal.  It now looks to me like it is possible to build any custom rule you want, with custom parameters that are available to the profile editor. Based on this, I made an attempt to create a rule that supported Hungarian naming conventions.  My goal is to create a custom ...
    Posted to CodeIt.Right (Forum) by grparry on November 15, 2007
  • Version 2 Questions/Enhancements

    Thanks for posting this beta version for feedback.  Like others, I'm evaluating a few different options right now, including CodeIt.Right and the (fxcop) integrated code analysis in VS2005.  I very much like that this can analyze source code.  That said, here are my questions: 1) Any idea how much this tool is going to ...
    Posted to CodeIt.Right (Forum) by grparry on November 12, 2007
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