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  • Re-document file screws up current comments

    In the summary (C#) I created a list of table type.  It looked like this when I wrote it.   After running GhostDoc on the file it looks like this     Why is GhostDoc changing all the formatting I did?
    Posted to GhostDoc (Forum) by bomber on March 28, 2014
  • Re: Team Features - Shared Folder

    Hi Craig, Is there a tutorial how to configure Shared Folder for team features we have custom rules with a custom profile and I want to share them across all visual studio we have enterprise license for all users Thanks! 
    Posted to CodeIt.Right (Forum) by Alon Fluman on November 24, 2013
  • out of memory

    My solution in visual studio is really big and when I try to Build my help with GhostDoc Pro (Commercial version) I always receive a "out of memory" message. My last good result give me a CHM file with 37mo on my hard disk. I create only a HTML Help 1, not with website. All other parameter is by default.  Visual studio 2010 ...
    Posted to GhostDoc (Forum) by Waxime on August 23, 2013
  • FEATURE REQUEST: Don't force Acronyms to be UPPERCASE

    Consider the following code:/// <summary> /// Initializes the tradingbook dropdown. /// </summary> private void InitializeTradingbookDropdown() {   LSTUIHelper.PopulateTradingBookDropDown(this.cboTradingBook, DataExchangeService, false, false); } I would prefer ...
    Posted to GhostDoc (Forum) by jtstanish on August 8, 2013
  • FEATURE REQUEST: Allow the user to create an Abbreviation List to Improve Documentation

    Consider the following Gosdoc-generated documetation:/// <summary> /// Inits the trading book drop down. /// </summary> private void InitTradingBookDropDown() { LSTUIHelper.PopulateTradingBookDropDown(this.cboTradingBook, DataExchangeService, false, false); }Note ...
    Posted to GhostDoc (Forum) by jtstanish on August 8, 2013
  • GhostDoc gets confused inside of lambdas and anonymous method

    For simple code such as this: class Test { void Method() { Action action = () => { Console.WriteLine(); // <-- <-- }; } } If we place the cursor on the line with the arrow comment and execute "Document This", GhostDoc will write a comment describing the Test ...
    Posted to GhostDoc (Forum) by mferreira on May 29, 2013
  • GhostDoc Pro V 4.5. 13017 - Inheriting properties from a base class

    Is it possible to include inherited properties in the documentation? Example: File - Entity.cs   namespace Test {     using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;     /// <summary>     /// Class Entity     /// <p>Provides a base from which all entities, which require a unique ...
    Posted to GhostDoc (Forum) by Jaroslaw Zajac on March 7, 2013
  • GhostDoc 4 fails to generate doc when class is not buildable

    While working in C# using VS2012 and GhostDoc 4, if the class is not build-able, meaning you are not finished, but wish to generate doc for one of it's methods, it will fail with the message, "To generate XML comments you must select a type or a member", this is very confusing because you have a type/member selected, an example that ...
    Posted to GhostDoc (Forum) by jlau88 on September 20, 2012
  • T4 templates and macros

    I am searching for a couple items without much success.  I would like some documentation regardaing macros and use of macros in the t4 templates.  I would like to know about other API items (i.e. Context) that are available in the T4 templates.  For example, the Field template is used in classes and for enumeration members; how can ...
    Posted to GhostDoc (Forum) by tphelps on July 24, 2012
  • GhostDoc engine gets broken if CodeElement.ReturnType is type of List<T>

    Hi all, I've introduced my own rules to extend the xml output of properties, methods, fields, etc. As mentioned in the subject, the processor stops processing, if it hits on a List<T> type. Take this short code snippet as an example: public List<string> TestMethod(List<string> test) {         ...
    Posted to GhostDoc (Forum) by Cadenza on July 19, 2012
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